Friday, May 20, 2011

Reader's Choice – The Most Reprehensible Contemporary Political Scandal

As readers over the past four years gratefully acknowledge, topicality and public interest are paramount to our mission here at Aisle Say. Thereby and therefore and without furthering adieus, we wish to give the readers a forum to express their opinions.
This weeks survey asks: “Rate Your Most Outrageous, Scurrilous, Hypocritical, Unseemly and Ignominious Scandal.”

In no particular order. Place them in YOUR order, #1 being THE WORST!

Eliot Spitzer - NY Governor pays $80,000 for prostitutes and resignation
Arnold Schwarzenegger - “The Sperminator” - pumping more than iron
Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky – Girl, launder that blue dress!!!
Mark Sanford - Governor of SC – We are ALL looking for our 'soul mate'
John Edwards - Sympathy for wife's cancer and then “love child” appears
Send your choices in order (with comments) to

The Grand's mantra in 2011-2012 season is to bring world-class entertainment to Wilmington while strengthening local arts and community partnerships.
The three performing arts group that share space at 818 Market St. gave a first ever collaborated preview of their respective seasons. Representatives from OperaDelaware, First State Ballet and DE Symphony orchestra sat with Mark Fields, Managing Director of The Grand to announce both their individual seasons and some collaborations..
It is nothing if not an eclectic program, a broad diversity of that should appeal to virtually every segment. The Grand’s programming lineup will appeal to a wide range of audiences, offering classic rockers, R&B singers, popular comedians, magicians, folk and bluegrass virtuosos, multicultural entertainment, and expanded classical options.
There is obvious crossover with World Cafe Live, 3 blocks down the street, and the two entities must be vigilant to avoid the perception of one grabbing a gig before the other has a chance. One would hope the two institutions work to make Market Street a nexus for entertainment.
The 1300 seat theatre is a tweener; i.e. too small to afford major names. With the deft hand of a surgeon Executive Director Steve Bailey must look at the overall demographics of the market, seek out acts playing Baltimore or Philly and catch fill a spot between those dates and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.
There are major consequences of The Grand's selections. It's $10 million capital campaign appears is in a holding pattern. Over $4 million was pledged the opening night of the campaign several months ago and it is hovering at $5 million presently.
Hard rocker and harder drinker George Thorogood has a September date. George and Tony Award winner Johnny Gallagher are the two most celebrated attendees of Brandywine High School...and neither graduated.
First State Ballet will stage Don Quixote in October and return with The Nutcracker in December. (Son Grant was 1st State Ballet's first Fritz in the late '90's – the scalawag who breaks sister Clara's nutcracker.)
OperaDelaware is staging far and away its most popular opera, Gershwin's Porgy and Bess in 2012, preceded by The Magic Flute in November.,

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