Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A historical survey on political salaciousness!

Reader's Choice – The Most Reprehensible Political Scandal

As readers over the past four years gratefully acknowledge, both public concern and topicality are paramount to our mission here at Aisle Say. Thereby and therefore and without furthering adieus, we wish to give the readers a forum to express their opinions.
In the world of politics, the charming sobriquet of 'ladies man' has gone from player to predator.
On the spectrum that begins with lascivious, courses through disturbing and ultimately sees the light of day in a perp walk, why is it that powerful men think they can get away with this behavior? In their defense, friends would say, “so and so would never do such a thing. He's far too brilliant to do anything so disgusting and hypocritical.”
I googled the time worn but accurate phrase by Lord Acton in 1887 and discovered a concluding sentence not normally uttered in its use: “ Power tends to corrupt..and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Here's the kicker: “Great men are almost always bad men.”
The default excuses are 1) The guy takes risks. That's how he became successful. 2) They feel rules don't apply to them. 3) With power comes confidence and...aha!...opportunity.
It is well past the time to venerate wayward politicians with a wink and a 'boys will be boys' reprimand. Aisle Say takes our readers on a history lesson of the sleazeball.
This weeks survey asks: “Rate Your Most Outrageous, Scurrilous, Hypocritical, Unseemly and Ignominious Scandal.”

In no particular order. Place them in YOUR order, #1 being THE WORST!

Eliot Spitzer - NY Governor (Client 9) pays $80,000 for prostitutes
Arnold Schwarzenegger - “The Sperminator” - pumping more than iron
Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky – The pizza was not all she delivered
Mark Sanford - Governor of SC – Aren't we ALL looking for our 'soul mate'
John Edwards - Sympathy for wife's cancer and then “love child” appears
Clarence Thomas - Harassment allegations from Anita Hill did not prove fatal
Newt Gingrich - Leading Clinton's impeachment as affair with staffer goes on
John Kennedy - Not only Marilyn, but Exner, the gfriend of a mob boss
Larry Craig - Anti-gay rights MN Senator arrested in bathroom
Gary Hart - Presidential hopeful with Rice on boat “Monkey Business”
Thomas Jefferson - reportedly fathered 6 children with slave Sally Hemmings
John Ensign - Affair with his best friend's wife. Friend gets $90k from Dad
Send your choices in order (with comments)should you wish to

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